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All you need to know about divan beds! Sprung base vs Platform top base

What is a divan bed? Q&A

A divan bed is a type of bed consisting of two main components, which can be split into four if access to the bedroom requires this. Divan beds are common nowadays, having gradually replaced the old slat and frame designs. Depending on the manufacturer, the base of the divan bed is usually made from a wooden frame and particle board and then covered in a choice of fabrics and leathers, these types of divans are typically on the affordable end. You can buy divan beds that are hand crafted with wooden frames, dovetail joints and hardboard to give a much more sturdier build; these are made to last and can be much more expensive.

harrison spinks drawer options
harrison spinks hardboard dovetail drawers

Pros and cons of having a divan bed PROS • They only take up a marginal amount of space compared to a bedstead • Plenty of storage capacity • Large choice of colours and fabrics • Easy to assemble • Easy to transport

CONS • Difficult to fit into loft conversations unless its splits into four quarters • Wasted space underneath if no drawers are installed • Hard to clean underneath without moving bed entirely Why should you choose a divan bed? New build homes are now smaller compared to your typical Victorian semi, this means you could struggle to fit your old bed and mattress up the stairs and around tight corners Or You may realize you simply have too much stuff and not enough storage space, this is where a divan bed would be ideal in this situation, they are great way to keep your unwanted clutter off the floor our out of reach of children and pets Types of divan bases There are only two types of divan beds; sprung base and platform top, so whats the difference between sprung base vs platform top base

Sprung base – A sprung base offers a lot of support mainly to a more rigid mattress due to the spring system and fillings. A sprung base is typically more expensive and used in higher end beds

illustration to show difference between sprung base and platform base
difference between sprung base vs platform top base

illustration to show the difference between a sprung base (LEFT) and platform top base (RIGHT)

Platform top base – These consist of a wooden frame and a solid piece of particle board (essentially a solid piece of material) surrounded by fabric and sometimes an anti-slip material on top of the base to stop your mattress from moving. A platform base is more rigid and may have orthopaedic benefits. What types of storage can a divan base have? One of the best features our divan bases have is the multiple storage options available. These include: • No drawers

• 2 Drawers at the footend • 2+2 (effectively 2 large drawers at the footend and 2 small drawers at the headend) also known as conti-drawers • 4 Drawers • 2 Drawers on one side (can be oriented left or right)

• Footend drawer

all the drawers options available at pear mill beds for your new bed
Drawers options available



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