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How to keep your wooden furniture looking its best

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Wood furniture are antiques that require careful maintenance and restoration to keep them looking great. If neglected wood furniture, they will wear down and break down within a short time. While regular wiping and applying wax and lacquer can keep your furniture looking shiny and clean, if they are exposed to extreme moisture, it will get damaged. So, how can you maintain your wood furniture and keep them looking great at all times? The following are tips that will help you achieve this.

Polishing Your Wood Furniture

Polishing reduces friction and scratches on the surfaces of your wood furniture. Furthermore, polishing gives your furniture a sheen slipperiness and keeps dust off from the surface. When done correctly, polishing will prevent liquids from seeping through into the furniture; hence, keeps it safe from rotting due to moisture.

How often you polish your wood furniture depends on usage routine. If a piece of furniture is used, wiped, cleaned, and scrubbed often, it means you will have to polish it often. When your furniture starts to lose its shine, it’s a sign that you need to apply polish.

Use Coasters

You can use coasters to take care of your furniture and ensure they retain their natural shine. Coasters protect the furniture from alcohol, cosmetic, and food spills. Using coasters to protect your furniture is cost-effective compared to the damage that liquids can cause on your furniture when they seep through.

Brushing Your Furniture

Always use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to clean your furniture and keep them smooth and shiny. Using lint-free clothing to clean your furniture can even be a better option for cleaning your furniture. Brushing your furniture with the right tools ensures there are not dust and dirt particles trapped in the furniture, which can affect their appearance.

Special Treatment

To keep your furniture looking good and protected, you may consider applying an extra protection layer to maintain their sheen. Waxing your furniture is one approach of adding extra coating on your furniture and preventing moisture from seeping through. However, you should avoid overdoing it to prevent making the furniture lose its oily appearance.

When you have layers of wax build-up on your furniture, use a gentle cloth soaked in synthetic turpentine or mineral spirits to remove it. Avoid using natural turpentine because it can leave a sticky and ugly substance on your furniture. You should always read and follow instructions given by the manufacturer to avoid damaging your furniture. Furthermore, use acid-free microcrystalline wax if your furniture has delicate wood.

Washing with Water

You should consider getting your furniture wet, especially if they are extremely dirty. However, you should be careful to avoid causing more damage than harm to your furniture. Check first whether there are streaks or hazy white substance when you first wet the furniture to know whether they are safe to clean.

If it is safe to clean the furniture with water, remember to use a mild detergent solution with slightly warm water. Use a soft cleaning sponge to clean and rinse the surface then leave it to dry. Remember to avoid soaking the furniture to avoid over-wetting it. If you are planning to wax or polish the surface, wait until the furniture dries completely.

Avoid Exposure to Sunlight

Exposing your furniture to sunlight will affect the appearance and structure of your furniture. Overexposure to sunlight will make the grains rough and lose making the furniture have a dull appearance and suspectable to break down. Therefore, always keep your furniture under protective shade.

Wood furniture can last for a long while maintaining their glory if they are well-maintained. The above tips can help you maintain and even restore your wooden furniture. Use the tips to keep your furniture looking excellent at all times.

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