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Steps to help choose the perfect wardrobe for your bedroom

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

There are numerous types of bedroom wardrobes available from two-door, three-door, four, five and six doors to sliding, mirrored and wardrobes with drawers. Each designed to meet the special needs of the home owners. To achieve the ideal blend of design and utility in your wardrobe and the majority of your furniture items, you must first determine your needs.

fully assembled pre built wardrobes with matching pieces at pear mill beds and furniture, stockport

1. Bedroom wardrobe measurement

Before purchasing the wardrobe of your dreams, firstly find the perfect place for your wardrobe, wardrobes are very heavy and you will find it difficult to move it around your bedroom once its in place. If possible ensure that the wardrobe for bedroom does not obstruct any of the room’s illumination sources!. Measure the amount of floor space you have available from skirting board to skirting board, as well as the height of the ceilings AND ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK YOUR MEASUREMENTS.

2. Decide on the type of wardrobe you want

Once you have found the perfect spot you know need to decide on the type of wardrobe you want for your bedroom, there a number of types of wardrobes including flatpack and pre-assembled wardrobes to think about:

  • Hinged door wardrobes - These types of wardrobes are the most common type of wardrobes and can are available from single doors to 6 doors in a vast choice of colours, designs (including mirrored versions) and sizes depending on the room you have available, please take into consideration that a hinge door wardrobes requires a little more room so the doors open. Hinge wardrobes are available in both flat pack and pre-assembled wardrobes.

  • Sliding wardrobes - A sliding design eliminates the need to open doors outwards and is great in tight spaces and can be used as a statement piece in your bedroom, these are available in multiply sizes with or without mirrors. If this design is your preference then you'll find nothing better than a German made sliding wardrobe. Most sliding wardrobes are only available in flatpack form and require assembly

3. Material and finish

The material, colour and surface finish of your wardrobe is a huge contributor to its style and also the level of practicality it can offer. There are many choices available, including modular options which means you can mix and match to create a bespoke look unique to you! Here is a guide to the best materials for wardrobes.

  • Solid wood: one of the most highly used materials, solid wood is robust and hardwearing, with each type bringing a different feel and effect.

  • MDF or particleboard: common options these days, they are cost-effective, economical and reasonably durable wardrobe materials.

  • High gloss finish: introducing a slick, contemporary look to your room, this shiny finish is mainly available in either black, white or very light colours.

  • Matt finish: a soft matt finish will ensure your item doesn’t compete with other furniture in the room, and fits in effortlessly into any space.

  • Glass and mirrors: through reflecting the light, opaque glass or mirror adds an additional dimension to the room, creating a bright effect that complements most interiors. A common question we're often asked is if mirrored wardrobes are a good idea? Mirrored wardrobes provide a multitude of benefits doubling up as a storage space and mirror while bouncing daylight around your room to give your space a brighter, larger feeling. However, they can become the location of numerous fingerprints so do keep some glass cleaner and a cloth on standby. Both functional and fashionable, mirrored wardrobes won't be going anywhere anytime soon!

  • Painted finish: available in many colours, painted wardrobes can also be treated with various different finishes, tailoring it to exude a more rustic, fresh, elaborate or boho look, depending on your style preference.

4. Other info you may need to know

  • Consider if you want to complement your wardrobe with other pieces of furniture such as a bedside cabinet, chest of drawers or dressing table. If you prefer these to be matching, check if the wardrobe is part of a suite.

  • You will need to know how the wardrobe is actually getting to your bedroom, the access can determine the type of wardrobe you may or may not be able to get.

If you require any further information or help please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team here.



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